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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tea for two

Dear all,

Today was good. It was a good day, I did some fun things and some less pleasant things, so there was balance which is good.

I did what I usually do on a Saturday, I went to work! I won't elaborate on that, it isn't interesting to read...

AFter work I watched Sinterklaas arrive in Groningen, which is a city up north in the Netherlands. Sinterklaas is a guy who gives children presents, basically like Santa but this is the Dutch version of it. It's a really big deal in Holland and a lot of fun!

At around three my friend Marisja came and we went, as planned, to the town center to have a drink. It was so nice to just sit and chat for almost two hours. Ever since she finished school we don't see each other that much so whenever I see her I always am happy to. We do talk a lot on whatsapp so it's not like we never speak or anything.

It was my turn to cook so I made a curry with my dad, he helped me a little bit. Or a lot. Maybe. The food was really nice though! I had a good time!

That was the fun part of today, I ended it with some lovely math... YAY! Tomorrow I will lock myself in my room and just study... Hurray Hurray!
I did skypechat my friend Partick for a little bit(yes the one from London who I used to go to the park with), we had a nice chat :)

Today's song(to Mar, who likes this!)
Birdy's cover of Let her go by passenger


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